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bbalanced or the art of equipping your employees at a lower cost to your colors. Our mission: to offer companies a range of professional products customizable in breach of price in relation to the market.


Equip your offices with high quality equipment at competitive prices


The strength of bbalanced

High-quality materials

From manufacturing to recycling, our product range follows a specific specifications in order to deliver the best quality.

Supply force

The production of each product is fully optimized to reduce costs and delays.

Bespoke services

We customize your products to your colours, offer installation, recycling and an extended warranty.

Quality at unbeatable prices

Our products are designed directly from factories certified for their know-how, providing premium quality, allowing us to offer you unbeatable prices through a direct supply chain.

Tailor-made customization

We personalize all products according to your Visual identity and your needs from 50 units.

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Faced with changing working conditions, we are called upon to work both in collaborative and mobile spaces. From now on, we are responding to this new paradigm.

We are pleased to present bbalanced, a brand of Darest Informatic SA, created to meet and anticipate these needs in the long term.

We offer a range of office furniture and accessories for mobility, combined with a range of services, all at a price that is out of line with the market. To do this, we have designed our products and services to meet all your needs through three fundamental values: flexibility, know-how and quality.

Discover our ergonomic standing desks, multiple screen mounts, business bags and our latest generation USB-C hub and docking range.

We offer you a 15% discount on your first order valid until 30/09 as well as discounted prices from 10 units ordered.

Our team is happy to present you and offer you samples of these products in order to best meet all your projects.

Steeve Master
Managing Director


Our products are combined with an extended warranty. The offices are guaranteed for 3 years, the screen mounts for 5 years, the USB-C hub and docking for 2 years and a limited lifetime warranty is included for our business bags.


In the event of a product failure, we will repair or replace it within 48 hours.

Our entire product range is available at discounted prices from 10 units. We are looking forward to establishing a tailor-made offer.

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