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Electric sit-stand desks

Offer a comfortable workspace to all your employees. Determine the exact height of your desk effortlessly thanks to the electric motor. Improve your posture, concentration and fitness in everyday life. Discover our ErgoDesk sitting/standing desks.


Desk and accessories for your business.


Our desks are height-adjustable for better comfort and lower back pain.

Preferred positions

3 preferred positions can be recorded in order to be always comfortably installed.

2 dimensions

You can choose between a 160 or 180cm tray.

Cable management

Your cables are properly routed under the desk so that they are as discreet as possible.

Sleek design

Available with a base and a desk top in several colors, our desks are modern and spacious.

Optional accessories

For even more space and comfort, discover our monitor mounts available for 1 to 4 screens.

Swiss flag - bbalanced
Tray made in Switzerland from Swiss wood according to the FSC and Bio Suisse labels

Single foot or complete desk, it's up to you

Office Base - bbalanced

Desk base


The desk stand is available to fix trays from 120cm to 180cm. It is available in 3 colours and is guaranteed for up to 5 years.

Size: One size

Colours feet: White, Grey or Black

Warranty: 3 years / 5 years with installation

Price: 444.00 HT

Complete Office - bbalanced

Desks 160cm or 180cm

160cm white - REF. DAETR6W
180cm white - REF. DAETR8W

The complete desk is available in 160cm or 180cm, with a base in 3 colours.

Size: 160cm, 180cm

Colours feet: White, Grey or Black

Tray color: White

Warranty: 3 years / 5 years with installation

Price: From 554.00 HT

Example of colours on request

We offer you the possibility to customize the size and color of the trays from 10 offices ordered. Our full range of colours is available on request.

Colours Trays - Desks - bbalanced


ErgoCable skeleton

Our skeleton cable ducts connect the underside of the desk top to the floor, hiding the cables harmoniously and aesthetically.

Accessories ErgoCable Skeleton - bbalanced

29.- HT


Organize cables under your desk with the cable trunking specifically adapted for our offices. Also available in grey and black.

Accessories ErgoTray - bbalanced

35.- HT

Other accessories

Secure your cables with our flat surface adhesive cable ties, available in white or black. Length of 10cm. In packs of 10 pieces.

Adhesive Collars - Desk Accessories - bbalanced

9.- HT

Keep your cables organized with our variable diameter self-adhesive fasteners. Length of 20cm. In packs of 10 pieces.

Adhesive Fasteners - Desk Accessories - bbalanced

4.- HT

Premium quality at unbeatable prices.


1 unit: 444.- HT
10 units: 424.- HT
25 units: 404.- HT
100 units: 384.- HT
From 250 units: consult us

White desk stand

Grey desk base

Black desk stand


1 unit: 554.- HT
10 units: 534.- HT
25 units: 514.- HT
100 units: 494.- HT
From 250 units: consult us

White desk 160cm

Grey desk 160cm

Black desk 160cm


1 unit: 574.- HT
10 units: 554.- HT
25 units: 534.- HT
100 units: 514.- HT
From 250 units: consult us

White desk 180cm

Grey desk 180cm

Black desk 180cm

A tailor made service with 360┬░ benefits

Customization of the tray from 10 units

Delivery and installation on site

Warranty up to 5 years & After Sales Service

Recycling your old offices

Office sky view - bbalanced - Darest informatic
Office desk top - bbalanced - Darest informatic
Office side view  -bbalanced - Darest informatic

Our entire product range is available at discounted prices from 10 units. We are looking forward to establishing a tailor-made offer.