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Considered the most attractive employer in Switzerland, Google is the pioneer in the transformation of the workplace and makes every effort to give a playful side to the work.
What we find when arriving at the offices in Zurich with the slide at the entrance and baths filled with foam cubes.

Ultra-cool rooms

12,000m2, here is the area of the offices of Google, based in Zurich for its activities in Switzerland. Equipped with a lounge and a lounge chair, game consoles and cable cars to chat, Google has understood how to attract the best talent. In fact, according to Google, employees who are pampered are more efficient at work.

And it became according to a recent study carried out by Randstad the most attractive employer in Switzerland.

Non-standard benefits

40 different nationalities work at Google Zurich, but a common point links these 40 nationalities: the relaxed atmosphere that Google seeks from its employees and makes every effort to achieve it. Engineers are given 20% of their time in free time to devote themselves to innovative projects and ideas. This has, in the past, enabled Gmail to be born in the United States and around the world.

In order to feel at home, employees can take their pets to work. In addition, everyone enjoys free food.

A very good level of salaries in the world

Salary level, Google employees are considered best off in the world with an average salary of 8,000.- per month.

However, your profile needs to be at the forefront because the chances of being hired are 0.3%, a more severe selection than to be accepted at the prestigious universities of Stanford and Harvard.

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