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In recent years, well-being at work has become a real factor in productivity and employee loyalty. Previously set aside by companies, it is now necessary to create a climate of well-being within the company. It is the arrival of generations Y and Z that has transformed the vision of work and it is now a question of the company's reputation. What can you do to create a healthy, wellness environment within your company?

Encouraging creativity

Fostering collaboration leads to creativity and innovation within your teams. This requires spaces that are functional and conducive to exchange. Removing partitions while organising offices so that the ambient noise is acceptable will encourage the exchange of ideas. You can also create project-based environments to encourage exchange and create a real community.

For example, we offer:

1) Lounge areas, conducive to conversation and idea generation. Sofas, armchairs or a desk with stools will be appreciated and will encourage business breaks or brainstorming meetings rich in ideas

2) Providing work spaces for smaller groups is recommended

3) Eggs or enclaves are ideal for individual work. To concentrate or to escape by listening to your favourite music, creativity is also released

Reducing environmental noise

Many employees feel that they are bothered at work because of noise, which leads to concentration problems, a drop in productivity, etc. In other words, this lack of efficiency is felt at work and the company may lose money.
Here are some tips on how to remedy this:

- Insulate the floors and walls of your premises or, if this is not possible, add acoustic panels or soundproof walls
- Allow employees to listen to music while allowing exchanges (1 earpiece only for example)

In the configuration of the offices, we advise you to avoid placing them near the kitchen, an entrance, etc. so that the work environment is clearly identified.

Provide standing room

Sitting all day is bad for our health, whereas working standing up is a real plus and avoids backache, stiff hips, neck pain...
Offering your employees sit-stand desks or spaces with chairless tables is good for their health, especially since it has been proven that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer...

Finally, it should be remembered that changing the place of work several times a day also helps to break the monotony and to adapt one's state of mind.

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