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Whether you're looking for advice or just looking for ideas on how to improve wellbeing at work, we have a series of health-related tips for you.

Fruit, fruit... and fruit

While employees are often attracted to the good morning pastries brought by a colleague, it is necessary to see the health of the employees preserved. As dishes loaded with bad fats are slower to digest and sweets bring high blood sugar levels before crashing, we strongly advise encouraging fruit and other natural foods in the office.

By focusing on good fats and proteins, your meals will give you energy instead of taking it away and you will be much more efficient at work.

You will find all these good things in oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts) which are low in sugar but high in fibre and good fats such as the famous omega-3, a fuel for our brain. In addition to being very filling, they provide us with vitamin E, an antioxidant, and many minerals, including calcium. A small handful of oilseeds will suffice to fill a small snack, for a healthy and energizing snack. But as with everything, consume in moderation to avoid the risk of allergies.

Sport session

Playing sport with colleagues or co-workers helps to improve social and professional relations. In this respect, physical activity is an excellent vector for social cohesion within the company. In addition, sport releases hormones of well-being and personal satisfaction, the endorphins. They increase self-confidence and the desire to progress and succeed.

You can take advantage of rearranging a space to make some equipment available. You can even take advantage of the motivation of a few employees by organising running or cycling sessions, or even yoga to release tension, get fit, recharge and therefore encourage concentration and creativity.

The relationship to time

For Dominique Steiler, the complexity of the notion of well-being at work lies in the question of the relationship with time. The company's time is that of urgency, whereas that of the individual and of well-being is that of slowness," he says. However, when a company invests, including the issue of well-being, it expects a quick return on investment. "For the researcher, managers react in three different ways to the challenges of well-being. "

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