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The rise of teleworking and hybrid work is pushing Microsoft to find solutions to meet new uses. Microsoft has announced a new Microsoft Office application called "Microsoft Loop". The application is a redesigned version of the Microsoft Fluid collaborative technology, and is designed with a particular focus on remote working.

App for teleworking

This new app aims to help workers collaborate better on their projects, while at a distance. The Redmond firm also announced the modernisation of several aspects of Office in order to meet the new uses of its users.

With Loop, Microsoft will allow its users to work, consult and edit documents in real time. Some services will be integrated into Microsoft Teams, to improve collaborative work between teams. A way, perhaps, to justify the price increase announced for Office 2021 from next year. According to Microsoft "with Loop, the goal is to revolutionise the document creation process".

Improving collaboration

The Redmond firm believes that "Loop will provide a modern alternative to collaborative work as we know it". It states that "with Loop, our users will be able to share elements of their work in Teams conversations. They will be able to quickly discuss their projects created in Loop by initiating voice or video calls in Teams".

An application in 3 parts

The application is divided into three parts: the productivity units, or "Loop Components", a space with lists, tables, annotations, tasks to be carried out... A feature compatible with OneNote, Outlook and Teams. The "Loop Pages", a flexible space in which to organise data, links or files to facilitate teamwork. The "Loop Workspace", a space where you can follow the whole project and the contributions of each collaborator.

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