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Digital transformation is no longer to be explained: all companies understood what the major stakes were. However, the transformation touches other spheres than the digital aspects. Indeed, the workspace, mobility, agility, collaboration are just as many areas that are subject to profound mutations.

The paradigm of the workspace is thus in revolution with the contribution of the modern workplace. Modernising and digialising the workspace is a popular advance, but it requires an upstream reflection and a real continuous project. The steps must be taken to achieve profits, whether they are productivity, collaboration, sharing, skills or even talent retention.

Work more efficiently

Companies are largely adopting digitization by sometimes neglecting the review of working methodologies or how to communicate, both of which are fundamental points to be successful.

Take the case of an acquisition of a vehicle: to evolve only the IT tools is akin to buying the vehicle by forgetting the seats and the air conditioning. Acquiring latest hardware and software-cris is obviously a good thing, but adapting one's workspace is another.

For example, there are chairs to create an isolated space where the user can communicate or focus, or confidential boxes that allow meetings to be held confidentially.

Increase conference room productivity

Conference rooms are often inadequate in companies, which can be a source of frustration. Because while the collaborators are looking for why the microphone does not work, why their room is taken by another team... they are not working and wasting time.
Solutions exist to facilitate the management of conference rooms such as the management of time use or equipment that promotes the Exchange, collaboration, sharing and annotation of documents such as Samsung flip where Samsung QBH to equip your conference spaces.

Towards a convergence between modern workplace & connected workplace

The modern company is one of the companies that offer services going beyond the usual computer tools. The modern workplace promotes collaboration and efficiency while supporting nomadism and mobility, creating mobile and depersonalized offices.

In addition, modern connection tools can be coupled with tools in the cloud to improve communication and sharing. We are talking about connected workplace, which allows you to virtualize different applications in a compute Center, virtualize desktop environments from different user groups, manage data centrally on a platform with high availability. The advantages are mainly the maximum availability and continuity of activities, the rapid deployment of new applications, access to datas from anywhere, and especially the stable operation of the user's environment and of applications.

Heading for the work environment

Beyond applications, work tools and confidential spaces, remains the ultimate point: the Office.

Every collaborator recovers the Office that the company entrusts to him, and a well-equipped office is an Office that will delight the employees. This why bbalanced has conducted numerous tests on a range of offices and offers a model available in 2 sizes (160cm and 180cm) with a weight argument: seated-standing functions.

Employees can alternate between sitting or standing and enjoys a better condition: diminished back pain, better concentration,...

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